Steering Committee – Founding Executive Council

The Institute collaborates with a group of prominent industry thought leaders who share a sharp focus on improving the patient experience. The Founding Executive Council acts as a steering committee for the Institute and prioritizes Institute research projects.
Founding Executive Council members contribute to the Institute through participation in:
  • Quarterly council meetings to plan and prioritize research project topics
  • Prioritized research projects by providing subject matter experts for work groups
  • Think-tank group discussions to offer reaction and commentary to critical industry issues and early research findings

Project Work Groups

The Institute is currently focused on four research projects with subject matter experts from the industry who are convened in project-specific work groups. Following are the current research topics in the work groups. Learn more about each initiative in the Research section.

Efficacy of Best Practices 
Work group participants are subject matter experts in best practice development, change management and quality improvement process implementation. 

Strategies for Uncovering Key Drivers of Variation
Work group participants are subject matter experts in performance measure analysis, report card development, and communication and dissemination of performance outcomes.

Coordination of Care
Work group participants are subject matter experts in process mapping and integration of data across performance measure sets, and have content expertise in care coordination within or across settings.

Shared Decision-Making
Work group participants are subject matter experts in patient engagement and activation, physician communication coaching and/or caring for vulnerable populations.

Work Group Members