Coordination of Care

  • How can we better understand the correlates and consequences of care coordination and teamwork within the inpatient setting and subsequent to the inpatient setting?
  • Which patient characteristics are associated with higher risk of poor care coordination?
  • What is the impact of poor care coordination and teamwork on clinical quality, safety and cost?


Drivers of Variation

  • What are optimal strategies for uncovering commonalities among high vs. low performers and for identifying variation between groups?
  • How does accounting for severity, volume and patient characteristics enhance the understanding of addressable variation in care?
  • What analytic or graphic presentation techniques facilitate identification of addressable variation?


Shared Decision-Making

  • How is shared decision-making, a component of patient engagement, related to clinical quality, safety and outcomes?
  • Which patient characteristics are associated with risk for sub-optimal evaluations of shared decision-making?
  • After controlling for patient characteristics, what attributes of care delivery facilitate shared decision-making?


Inventory of Best Practices
  • What are the key practices being implemented today?
  • Which practices have the greatest impact on performance?
  • How do hospital or clinic characteristics impact the efficacy of these practices?
  •  Which specific strategies are associated with better implementation of practices and higher performance?